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Business Writing Coaching

Executive Business Writing Coaching

As soon as you take one step up the corporate ladder, your success depends on one basic skill: your ability to communicate effectively.
- Peter Drucker

Executive business writing coaching is an intensive, individualized, guided engagement that leads to business writing mastery. It is best suited for professionals who are ready to focus on business writing and for whom writing is an essential part of their work. It is very suited to senior executives, those breaking into the C-Suite, and high potential employees.

 An executive writing coach helps you maximize your particular writing strengths, correct weakness, and write to advance your career. Coaching is expedient and targeted.

  • During the engagement, we work one-on-one with actual work documents, live via WebEx, and coach to continually improve writing and achieve identified writing goals. Our goal is to enable the client to be both skilled and self-reliant.

  • We have vast and strong writing resources available online for our clients. We use these to target or support the specific issues we uncover, whether that is organization, grammar, clarity, word choice, or instilling a confident voice.

  • The program is very individualized, guiding the participant through exercises, honing skills progressively, and providing needed support and encouragement. 

  • There is no prescriptive schedule. Clients schedule sessions either as they wish, or regularly, to best match objectives, work tasks, and pace

To match the support and interaction you want, we offer three different business writing coaching packages.

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Every engagement is different because every career and writer is different. Read this case study to learn how coaching works and how it is individualized for you.

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Mary Cullen, business writing expert and president of Instructional Solutions, conducts all coaching engagements.

We only work with a limited number of coaching clients because the work is intensive and individualized. The client we can most help is senior to an organization or being fast-tracked, willing to hone strategic writing skills, and recognizes the importance of strong writing to a business and career.