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How Much Will Efficient Writing Save Your Organization?

Spend 30% less time writing each document after training.


Calculate Your Savings

Because it is hard to immediately calculate or even conceptualize the cost savings realized from business writing training, we developed a Return on Investment (ROI) calculator tool. It allows you to quickly calculate the savings/ROI gained by our proven process for business writing training. 

As an example, based on the assumption of 5 participants trained, earning $70,000 salaries who write for 4 hours each day, our business writing training would save your organization $52,500 anually.

By submitting the form to the right you will receive:

  • Our ROI calculator for free. Input these variables:
    • Number of employees to train
    • Their average salary
    • Hours per day they write on the job
  • This calculator will provide a solid figure to calculate your savings.

Download Your Free ROI Calculator